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How’s your Accountant doing?

When you started working or set up your own business, the accounting side of things may have looked daunting. Your first instinct may have been to get an Accountant and for many, this is the last time they really gave it a huge amount of thought. Accountants though come in an array of types, like all… Read more »

The Scams

    Beware the scams now that YOU take responsibility for pensions: [Cathryn: Hi you’re speaking to Cathryn at The Pensions Advisory Service how can I help you? Geoff: Hi, I was called out of the blue from a company who did a pension review for me, I think I might have got a bit… Read more »

Monster Charges

And so it starts, the persecution, prosecution and penalties for Small Businesses as the Regulator confirms there has been a considerable increase in the number of compliance notices issue; with some small firms failing to get their affairs in order until they were issued a fixed penalty notice of £400. When they rolled out the… Read more »

2016 for small business owners…

What will 2016 hold for small business owners? Well aside from the new rules on pensions that turn all employers (even if it’s just a single carer or gardener on the books) into pension providers and contributors through Auto Enrolment, there’s the new quarterly tax returns now that HMRC is pushing. This aim is to… Read more »

Confused by Auto Enrolment – understandable

Whether you employ one member of staff or a factory-full of staff, a cleaner, carer, gardener or bookkeeper… you MUST provide the opportunity for a workplace pension; you have no choice on this. The government has rolled out Auto Enrolment and you’re caught up in it if you employ anyone. Sorry this is not nicer… Read more »

Landlords at Risk

  The headlines look worrying for property investors and landlords, with concerns that the recent Budget had “..dealt a sledge hammer blow for property investors..” Trust us though, this is doesn’t need to turn out badly; we have solutions that not only lessen the impact but can turn this into a positive outcome. Now though… Read more »

Casual Staff & Auto Enrolment Q&A

AUTO ENROLMENT – questions from our clients, answered: QUESTION:  “We use casual workers only and usually pay them cash – are we exempt as employers for Auto-Enrolment?” ANSWER: No you are not automatically exempt. Without a PAYE reference, the staging date for casual staff will be 1 April 2017. However, If you have no casual… Read more »