The Pension’s Regulator launches new guide on auto-enrolment for small businesses

The Pension’s Regulator has launced a new step by step website guide designed to assist small employers with their auto-enrolment duties, which can be found within their “Employers” section.

The new services comes as the industry gets ready for the next wave of approximately 1.8 million employers who will be hitting their staging dates next year.

The website guide includes a video, animations and infographics to explain what employers have to do and by when to comply with their duties.

The Pensions minister, Baroness Ros Altmann says: “As we start the process of rolling it out to the UK’s smallest employers, we need to tailor our support to make sure it is fit for purpose.

“I believe simplification is vital and The Pensions Regulator has made great strides in modernising its language and approach, to help employers. This new interactive step-by-step guide is an excellent initiative to help even the smallest employers fulfil their automatic enrolment duties and comply with the law.”

The Pension’s Regulator’s Executive Director for auto-enrolment, Charles Counsell adds: “Our website now presents clear options for those small and micro employers who don’t have complex workforces and want instructions on how to comply without having to wade through lots of details.

“Workplace pensions do not need to be complex for the hundreds of thousands of employers who have still to meet their legal duties. Many micro employers have just one member of staff. We are helping them to navigate a straightforward path to successfully completing automatic enrolment.”