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HMRC taskforces to tackle tax cheats

HMRC have launched new taskforces to tackle tax cheats in the rag trade and alcohol industry. The specialist taskforce teams will target those who do not pay the right amount of tax in: ◾ the rag trade in the Midlands, North Wales and North West, including manufacturing, wholesale, retail and textile recycling; ◾ the alcohol… Read more »

HMRC – Warning to Tax Avoiders

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have announced that they are sending letters directly to 1,500 people who it suspects are avoiding tax by signing up to one particular avoidance scheme. warning them that their financial affairs are facing scrutiny. The correspondence is a pre-emptive strike before the scheme’s legality is challenged. The National Audit Office said… Read more »

Planning for RTI

  top If you are an employer you should have received information from the Taxman about operating PAYE under Real Time Information (RTI).Employers with fewer than 5001 employees will have to operate RTI from 6 April 2013, and that includes one-man companies. Some employers have already started to use RTI under the pilot program. Individuals… Read more »

Workshops give support to business

H M Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and the Department for Business Innovation and Skill (BIS)  have organised a series of one day workshops on government support for business R & D and innovation.  These FREE workshops are for small to medium sized companies around the country and their professional advisors. The areas covered in the workshop include: using… Read more »

HMRC – Tax Evading Landlords and Rag Traders

HMRC’s latest crackdown on tax evaders has been launched today,  Monday 19 November and taskforces are targeting rag traders in the Midlands, North Wales and the North West and carrying our spot checks and analysis of records.  They will also be carrying these checks out on those involved in the production, distribution and selling of alcohol… Read more »

INVESTIGATIONS – New enquiries scheme extended

The Taxman recently announced that he’s extending his trial of the Single Compliance Process (SCP) for tax enquiries. How do these differ from a normal enquiry? The main difference is that the Taxman aims to settle SCP enquiries much more quickly. He’ll be more open about what he’s looking for, but don’t be bullied into… Read more »