Golden Arches Deal

Find out how the Governments Eat Out to Help Out scheme can save you money on your next meal out.

What is it?

This is the new Government scheme where you can get a 50% discount between Monday and Wednesday each week.

These discounts are capped at £10 per person each time. However, there is nothing stopping you from using this scheme for all three days and saving up to £30.

There is no minimum spend requirement, meaning that you don’t have to spend more than usual to get this discount.

How will it work?

Customers won’t have to do a thing. This scheme works by the restaurant charging normal prices, but offering this discount to their customers.

The restaurant then applies to HMRC for the 50% of the cost and HMRC will pay them in 5 working days.

If the restaurant has a service charge then this is not included in the scheme.

The discount is capped at £10 per person, but if the bill is for more than one person then each gets the discount of 50% capped at £10 regardless of how much their individual meals were.

McDonald’s have announced that they are part of the scheme, so from Monday to Wednesday you can enjoy six Big Macs for a tenner, but only if you eat in, and are extremely greedy!

Who can take part?

The discount can be applied to food and non-alcoholic drink purchased for immediate consumption on the premises. This means that there is no discount on your late-night takeaways!

McDonald’s and KFC have already announced that they will participate in the scheme, and if you want your business to take part, all you have to do is register.

If you applied to operate as a food business on or before the 7th of July then you can be eligible for the scheme.

The discount is not allowed on food and drink sold as part of a private function or event.