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Business Asset Disposal Relief (BADR) is a discounted rate for Capital Gains Tax (CGT). This can significantly reduce your tax bill if you sell or wind up your company. To qualify for BADR you must meet certain criteria, including owning

The government has tried to stop people from building up a pension worth over £1 million. To do this they’ve introduced penalties of up to 55% for anyone who breaches the £1,073,100 lifetime pension limit. However, there are ways to

Bounce Back Loan Warning! The Insolvency Service will be given new powers to investigate directors of companies that have been dissolved. This will close a loophole previously used to avoid paying back Government-backed loans. These powers include harsher punishments for

Inheritance Tax planning can be overwhelming; how do you ensure your family or friends benefit fully from it? Fortunately, protecting your loved ones and assets is easier than you might think.     What is UK Inheritance Tax? Inheritance Tax is

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