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VAT error correction can be costly and confusing. Today’s Friday Tax Tip will provide some guidance to alleviate the burden. (4 minute read) Errors under £10,000 If the net sum of errors is below £10,000, you can simply adjust for

Should you be paying tax on cryptocurrency UK? Yes! And HMRC are writing to crypto-investors to make sure you know it. (3 minute read) What are Cryptoassets? The world of crypto is shrouded by jargon which makes it seem impenetrable

How do HMRC debt management powers work? This simple guide will explain the methods HMRC can use to recover a debt.  (4 minute read) Paying Back HMRC Nobody wants to be in debt with HMRC. However, mistakes can happen, especially if

The UK government have opened a consultation on the Right to Request flexible working. You have until 1st December to make your opinion known. Current Flexible Working Rules The UK government is proposing changes to workers’ rights that could see

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