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Looking to get into property business or expand an existing portfolio but not sure where to start? Look no further! (2 minute read) We’ll be discussing: How property income is taxed Using losses to your advantage Special reliefs Taxing Property

The government have announced a new wave of Covid grants to protect the hospitality and leisure industry in the wake of the omicron variant. But is it enough? (3 minute read) The Case for Covid Grants The emergence of the

‘Tis the season for the office do! Here’s how to make your end-of-year Christmas party tax deductible! (2 minute read) Throwing the Perfect Party End-of-year staff parties are a workplace staple: promoting camaraderie, teamwork and reflection in yourself and your

Whether gifting shares for your child’s further education or surprising your spouse with an unconventional Christmas present: shares are the gift that keeps on giving! (2 minute read) This guide covers: How to gift shares to family The tax considerations

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