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The End of the Tax Year: Plan While You Can!

As we approach the end of the tax year, make the most of your allowances while you can! Because they won’t all roll over. (6 minute read) Today’s tax tip is all about: Snapping up your allowances before the end of the tax year Wrapping your year up well Income at the End of the… Read more »

R&D Claims: HMRC Tightens Restrictions

HMRC wrongfully awarded £311 MILLION in R&D claims. Now, they’re securing their coffers. (4 minute read) Today’s tax tip is all about: Why there’s so much non-compliance in R&D claims HMRC’s tightening of R&D claim restrictions How you can protect yourself and remain compliant In 2019, UK companies claimed tax relief of £47.5 billion for… Read more »

Dividends vs Salary: Which is Most Tax Efficient?

Choosing whether to pay yourself through dividends vs salary is a big decision. Let’s weigh up the options so you can pick what’s right for you. (4 minute read) Today we’re discussing: The difference between dividends vs salary How they’re taxed How to decide which is right for you Dividends vs Salary: What’s the Difference?… Read more »

Is Mobile Phone Allowance Taxable? The Secret to Tax Free Tech

Business owners often wonder: ‘is mobile phone allowance taxable?’ The answer: it depends. Here’s how to get tax free tech for your employees! (2 minute read) Is Mobile Phone Allowance Taxable? Most employers want to provide their teams with the tools they need to get the job done well. For some, this means mobile phones…. Read more »

Buy and Sell Agreement: Business Security or Tax Nightmare?

How a common buy and sell agreement could undermine your Inheritance Tax Strategy. (3 minute read) This week’s top tip is all about: Using Business Property Relief (BPR) for Inheritance Tax (IHT) planning What a buy and sell agreement is How these agreements undermine IHT plans Business Property Relief and Inheritance Tax Planning BPR is… Read more »

Everything You Need to Know About Last Minute Tax Returns

Everything you need to know about last minute tax returns, from what not to forget and how to shield yourself from enquiries. (6 minute read) HMRC maintain that the legal deadline for submissions is 31st January, although they will waive penalties as long as you submit by 28th February. There are still plenty of reasons… Read more »

Land Registry Property Alerts: One Simple Way to Avoid Property Fraud

This quick little tip takes no time at all to implement and could save you £££ (plus a headache)! Here’s why Land Registry Property Alerts are important. (2 minute read) This week’s tax tip explains: How fraudsters can target your property What Land Registry Property Alerts are How these alerts protect you and your property… Read more »

Property Business: A Beginner’s Guide to Profits and Losses

Looking to get into property business or expand an existing portfolio but not sure where to start? Look no further! (2 minute read) We’ll be discussing: How property income is taxed Using losses to your advantage Special reliefs Taxing Property Income Property income is income you derive from an interest in a property. For example,… Read more »