Workshops give support to business

H M Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and the Department for Business Innovation and Skill (BIS)  have organised a series of one day workshops on government support for business R & D and innovation.  These FREE workshops are for small to medium sized companies around the country and their professional advisors.

The areas covered in the workshop include:

  • using R&D tax credit relief to invest more in R&D
  • planning for the reduced (10 per cent) rate of corporation tax on profits attributable to patents, the Patent Box
  • using R&D grants available
  • networking with peers in R&D
  • using government procurement opportunities for R&D
  • maximising Intellectual Property for competitive advantage
  • using design to add value and help businesses grow

Each session will allow time for questions, and stands are also staffed by experts who are available to talk.  For more details and how to book visit the BIS website.