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Child Benefit Tax Charge: Make Child Benefit Work for You

High Income Child Benefit Tax Charge can be as tedious to manage as it is to say out loud, but it doesn’t have to be. Keep reading to find out how to make Child benefit work for you without the hassle. How the High Income Child Benefit Tax Charge Works HMRC introduced the High Income Child Benefit Tax Charge… Read more »

Working from home: Squeeze a few quid out of HMRC!

Claiming directors’ Working from Home Allowance has become even simpler… Directors’ Working from Home Allowance Working from home brings many benefits with it but can also become very costly very quickly. With business phone calls, lighting, heating, etc, the expenses can mount up without you even noticing. As a director working from home, you might… Read more »

Smart Tax Planning for University Fees (for Parents)

Wondering how to best help your child through their university days? Learn how Smart Tax Planning by inviting them into your business can provide for university fees! Tax & University Students Many parents look towards their children’s university experience with both anxiety and pride. Consequently, it’s common to want to provide some additional financial support… Read more »

HMRC Tax Investigations: Backdoor Access to Your Accounts?

HMRC tax investigations are requesting access to your accountancy records from programs such as Sage, Xero and FreeAgent Should you volunteer your information or not? Let’s break down both options to see what might work best for you What Are HMRC Asking For? HMRC tax investigations are asking business owners who use accounting software to… Read more »

Deflating Dividends: Shareholders Will be 1.25% Worse Off.

Shareholders 1.25% Worse Off Under The NHS Health and Social Care Levy The levy will see an unprecedented 1.25% increase in NI contributions and dividend payments Shareholders of small businesses to be hit especially hard by double taxation Why is National Insurance Increasing? The changes brought about by the NHS Health and Social Care Levy… Read more »

New Plastic Packaging Tax 2022

20,000 UK Businesses Liable for New Plastic Packaging Tax 2022: Start Preparing Now The Plastic Packaging Tax is a new tax set to be introduced in April 2022 Businesses to be taxed on plastic packaging that doesn’t contain 30% recycled plastic Adjust your business practices now to avoid being hit What is the Plastic Packaging… Read more »

New UK VAT Penalties Revision 2022

‘Overly Complex’ New UK VAT Penalties Revision to Hit UK Businesses Next Year HMRC will enforce a new points-based penalty system for VAT and ITSA from 2022 The system aims to be ‘simple, fair and effective but could be ‘overly complex,’ the ICAEW warns Soften the impact by getting to grips with the changes as… Read more »