Manchester United As The Most Valuable Football Club

Manchester United surpassed Real Madrid for the first time in the ranking of Europe’s 32 biggest clubs. It is estimated that the Europa League Champions is worth up to €3.2bn (£2.8bn), making them the first club to surpass the €3bn threshold. Compared last year, Manchester United only ranked equal with Real Madrid. They needed to continue to win silverware if they still wanted to remain at the top of the rankings.

Jose Mourinho obviously has taken this into account. In his first season, United won the Community Shield, League Cup, and the Europa Leaugue which is particularly a profitable triumph. In addition, United benefited from the first season of the Premier League’s record £8bn TV deal. This has helped raise other five English teams’ rankings into the 10 most valuable clubs.

Arsenal and Chelsea are valued at £1.7bn and £4.2bn respectively takes up sixth and seventh place. Liverpool valued at £1.1bn takes up eighth place whilst Manchester City valued at £1.7bn falls in fifth place.


Position Clubs Bottom value Mid-point Top
1 Manchester United €3,004m €3,095m €3,186m
2 Real Madrid €2,895m €2,976m €3,057m
3 Barcelona €2,688m €2,765m €2,843m
4 Bayern Munich €2,367m €2,445m €2,523m
5 Manchester City €1,909m €1,979m €2,049m
6 Arsenal €1,882m €1,956m €2,029m
7 Chelsea €1,524m €1,599m €1,674m
8 Liverpool €1,260m €1,330m €1,400m
9 Juventus €1,158m €1,218m €1,277m
10 Tottenham Hotspur €978m €1,011m €1,044m
11 Paris Saint-Germain €948m €998m €1,049m
12 Borussia Dortmund €917m €971m €1,025m
13 Atletico Madrid €771m €793m €815m
14 Schalke 04 €663m €691m €719m
15 AC Milan €504m €547m €590m
16 Leicester City €442m €462m €482m
17 Everton €431m €457m €483m
18 AS Roma €433m €453m €473m
19 Internazionale €407m €429m €451m
20 SSC Napoli €388m €409m €431m
21 Galatasaray €357m €377m €398m
22 Fenerbahce €330m €349m €368m
23 Benfica €326m €340m €353m
24 Olympique Lyonnais €301m €317m €334m
25 Athletic Club Bilbao €285m €300m €315m
26 Ajax €258m €274m €290m
27 Sevilla €249m €261m €273m
28 Valencia €225m €235m €246m
29 SS Lazio €215m €227m €240m
30 Besiktas €207m €219m €231m
31 PSV Eindhoven €201m €210m €220m
32 Marseille €179m €187m €196m