HMRC – “Inner Peace” Campaign

A new advertising campaign due to be launched by the HMRC at the end of this month is urging anyone who has not sent in their 2011-2012 tax return to do it now and find their “inner peace”.

The new advert highlights the imminent deadline date of 31 January for online returns and the penalty of £100 if the deadline is missed!

They are encouraging people, who still have not sent their return to “do it today, pay what you owe and take a load off your mind”, so they can experience “inner peace”.

The campaign has been developed to touch on the emotions that HMRC find people experience after completing and submitting their return.  The ad features people from different professions experiencing the feeling of post-return well being – like a weight has been lifted from their shoulders.

The ads form part of HMRC’s efforts to encourage all 10.6 million people who have to submit a Self Assessment return for the 2011-12 tax year to file online, and pay the tax they owe, by the 31 January deadline and will feature on traditional posters, radio, newspapers and will also be digitally interactive, giving internet surfers the chance to  see people experiencing inner peace floating around their computer screens.