Fuel duty for next year – Cancelled

The fuel duty rise which was planned for next year has been cancelled, resulting in a £680  saving for drivers and twice as much for a small business with a van.

Chancellor George Osborne told MPs, in his Autumn Statement that the government had already abolished the hated fuel duty escalator and cut then frozen fuel duty and since then, further representations have been made on the subject by the Member for Argyll and Bute and the Member for Harlow.

Osborne revealed in the autumn that he would like to continue to freeze fuel duty if sufficient money can be found and now he is saying he can deliver on that promise.  He has said “Next year’s fuel duty rise will be cancelled.  Instead of petrol prices going up by 2 per cent they will be frozen.  That means compared to the previous government’s plans, petrol will be a 20p a litre less.  “That’s £11 less every time you fill up.  A saving for drivers over this parliament of £680.  Double that for a small business with a van.  Cancelling fuel duty rises has been a major commitment of this government.”