Auto-enrolment – staging date and beyond

On your staging date or the last day of postponement, you will need to assess the ages and earning of all your employees.  This is to identify the duty you have for them and whether or not you need to automatically enrol them.

You will need to provide the scheme with the personal details of all the employees which require automatic enrolment, those that wish to join and those who wish to opt out.  If you have planned correctly you should already have this information.

Anyone eligible for automatic enrolment will need processing within six weeks of the staging date and you must keep a record of all the members you have enrolled.  You will also need to keep a record of employees that have chosen to join or opted-out so that you can notify the Pension’s Regulator as it is a legal requirement to complete and submit the “Declaration of Compliance” to the Pension’s Regulator within five months of your staging date.

It doesn’t stop there, from your staging date all records must be maintained and kept for six years.  You will need to notify the scheme of any new starters, leavers, new members wishing to join and members who decide to opt out.

For those who were eligible to be automatically enrolled, but chose to opt out,  a review must be sent in writing to the employee(s), every three years, asking if they’d like to re-join.

You must communicate in writing to any new employee(s) about the scheme you have and how it affects them and you must also put in writing to all employees any changes to the scheme, for e.g, a change in contributions.