Accountants Ranked #4 as Most Desirable People to Date

A recent poll of 3,500 people by Xero revealed that accountants are one of the most desirable people to date. The vast majority of the people who have been surveyed viewed accountants as analytical, intelligent, and with good business skills which is in contrast to people who stereotype accountants as ‘nerds’ and ‘introverts’.


valentines day gift ideas


This might suggest that accountants are in line for generous share of Valentine’s Day spend.  A study done by PwC shows that the average-spend on Valentine’s Day is still expected to rise 12% to a £459M in total by the end of the day even though the findings show that 52% of the over 2,000 consumers they have surveyed do not plan to buy a gift whilst 48% are not even planning to buy a card.

The retail and consumer leader from PwC, Madeleine Thompson, mentioned that for Valentine’s Day purchases, consumers do still prefer the high street experience (49%) than shopping online (30%). What’s more, consumers who take part in the Valentine’s Day spend are most likely to choose small personal gifts such as handmade items (21%) although more people prefer a gift relating to travel or leisure (29%).

The average amount that people expect to spend on Valentine’s Day stands at £29.89 compared to £26.69 last year. However, it does not appear that the price of love is higher for men who expect to spend nearly twice as much as women! That is £39.70 compared to £20.42 spend from women.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!