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Don't Get Caught Out with Undeclared Property Income!

HMRC’s sophisticated Connect system has the ability to analyse data from numerous sources and flag taxpayers who do not appear to have paid the correct amount of tax. This powerful tool enables HMRC to frequently write to taxpayers and invite them to use the Let Property Campaign to bring their affairs up to date.

Used these services for a while now - great support and advice can't recommend enough.
Beth Wallace

What do i do, if i receive a letter from HMRC about
Undeclared Rental Income?

Don't get caught out and face PENALTIES!

We’ll put you at ease, and quickly work out if there is any tax due, act as tax agents for you to negotiated payment plans and penalties.

Have you recieved a letter from HMRC about undeclared property income?

We get 20 clients a week who have all received letters from HMRC making enquiries.

Speak to one of our team URGENTLY before contacting HMRC!

We'll make sure the tax liability, if any, has been minimised using various exemptions and allowances.