Stamp Duty On Mixed Use Property

Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) is an important consideration when purchasing a property, especially when dealing with mixed-use properties that combine residential and non-residential elements. In this blog post, we will explore the concept of mixed-use properties for SDLT purposes and discuss the specific considerations related to Stamp Duty on such properties.

stamp duty on mixed use property

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We will cover:

  • How Stamp Duty applies to mixed use properties
  • What kind of properties classify as mixed use

What is a Mixed-Use Property?

  • Mixed-use properties incorporate both residential and non-residential elements.
  • Classification as residential or mixed-use depends on factors such as dwelling size, land nature, commercial use, and reasonable enjoyment of the residential building.
  • The classification impacts the stamp duty rates applicable to the property.

Stamp Duty on Mixed-Use Property:

  • Mixed-use properties are taxed at the same rates as commercial properties, which are generally lower than residential rates.
  • SDLT rates for mixed-use properties:
    • 0% up to £150,000
    • 2% on the slice between £150,000 and £250,000
    • 5% on any amount above that
  • Higher residential rates, including rates up to 15%, do not apply to mixed-use properties.

Identifying the Type of Property:

  • Mixed-use properties incorporate both residential and non-residential elements.
  • Consider physical attributes, separation between residential and non-residential areas, and adaptations made for business or commercial use.

Seeking Clarity:

  • When the property classification is uncertain, speak to us or seek guidance from HMRC.
  • Professional assistance ensures the proper application of SDLT rates to mixed-use property transactions.

Qualifications for Mixed Use in Stamp Duty:

  • To qualify as mixed use, a property must have both residential and non-residential elements.
  • Residential properties are those used or suitable for use as dwellings.
  • Evaluation of physical attributes is crucial, focusing on the effective date of the transaction.

Understanding the Option to Tax:

  • The option to tax is not directly related to SDLT on mixed-use properties.
  • It is a mechanism in the Value Added Tax (VAT) system for charging VAT on property-related supplies.
  • The option to tax affects costs in commercial property transactions, potentially impacting mixed-use property transactions.


Understanding SDLT on mixed-use property is crucial for property buyers and investors. Proper classification of the property and consideration of applicable SDLT rates enable you to make informed decisions and save tax.

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