Spend £300 Per Employee On A Great Party !

Did you know that you can spend £300 per employee on a great Christmas party and charge the cost through your business ?


In fact, your great party does not have to be at Christmas. You can have one in the summer and one later in the year, free of all taxes.

Here’s how:


The Christmas party or event must be open to all employees to attend. You have to hold an event in order to reclaim costs against your company. You can’t simply make a cash claim for £150.


The cost per employee should not exceed £150. This includes the accommodation, transport, food and drink. You can split this £150 allowance into multiple events throughout the year as long as you don’t exceed the allowance.


All employees including yourself are entitled to bring one family member or a partner who will also qualify for an additional £150. This adds up to £300 allowance per employee.