R&D Tax Credit

Get Up To 230% Tax Relief on Your Company’s Research & Development Investments

Research and Development Tax Credits are an HMRC tax incentive to encourage companies in the UK to invest in Research and Development. The tax relief that can be obtained on your Research and Development expenditure can be worth up to 230% of the actual cost incurred.

It’s common to think that only companies involved in the scientific and technical industries can claim Research & Development (R&D) credits. However, this is far from the truth. Any company can claim R&D tax credits so long as they incur costs associated with using new technology to improve a process.

Am I Eligible to Claim R&D Tax Credit?

If you answer YES to any of the questions on the right, it is likely that you are eligible to claim R&D tax relief.

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  1. Does your company file Corporation Tax?
  2. Has your company implemented a project where the outcome is uncertain due to technical constraints?
  3. Does your company employ staff in order to kickstart your project?
  4. Has your company developed a new or improved product, service or process?
  5. Are you a Small or Medium sized Enterprise (SME)?

Why Tax Expert?

Ilyas Patel and his team are specialists in optimising Research and Development credit claims. He and his team are not only financial experts but they are also equally well-informed when it comes to R&D scheme legislation, so no one is better equipped to find out if you’re eligible.

100% Claim Success Rate

We will assess your eligibility from the beginning

No win, no fee claim

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose

Knowledge and expertise

Specialists in optimising R&D claims

Easy Step-by-Step Process

Strategised to maximise the value of your claim

Our Step-By-Step Process



We will invite your lead developers to a brainstorming session with our Tax Expert consultants. At this session we will help you identify all the development projects, which you have undertaken in the specified financial year that you can make a claim against. This will give you clear start and end dates for your claim.



Our Tax Expert consultants will help you with your technical briefing. This is when we will thoroughly discuss the technical innovations your company has pursued, problems that you have encountered, and outcomes you have achieved. We will include all this information in your technical narrative to ensure that your claim is both firm and justifiable.



Our consultants will put together a full schedule, allocating the eligible costs to each development project. The cost of employee’s time, including your own, counts as an expense for Research & Development relief. A total of each employees salary, NIC, staff welfare and other associated costs for the time spent on the Research & Development project is also calculated.



We will complete and update the Company Tax Return and Tax Computations, reporting this in a user-friendly way to HMRC. Our experience is that they are generally quite keen to allow these claims.



We will complete all the above on a no win no fee basis, so you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. We will proactively chase payment and ensure that you will receive the funds in no time.


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