Payroll Changes In April

New changes in payroll are coming into effect from 6 April 2019.




At the moment payslips are only given to your employees who work for you and have a contract of employment.

From 6 April 2019, all workers are entitled to a payslip. This includes agency staff, bank staff, casual or zero-hours staff.

You need to send all workers an itemised payslip on or before every payday.


Information included on payslips

If their pay is not always the same, you must include the hours worked on the payslip as this makes it easier to check that the staff member has been paid correctly.

This will also ensure that they are receiving the right hourly pay rate according to the new national minimum wage rates which are effective from 1 April 2019.


Who will benefit from the changes

Independent contractors and staff who regularly work overtime will be affected the most.


 Risks to businesses

There is going to be more pressure to pay staff according to the national minimum wage rates or face being revealed by the government.

From a business perspective, the risk is that it will become easier for the staff member to see whether they have been paid correctly, and this could help them take the organisation to a tribunal for a wrongful deduction from their salary.


Planning for the changes

With all workers getting the right to a payslip, work with your HR and payroll departments to see who will need to receive their first payslip in April’s payroll.

In order to decide who is an employee and who is a worker, look at their contracts and their working relationships with you.

Lastly, you must start to record the number of hours your staff work if you currently don’t hold any records.