Kickstart Your Business

Find out about the Government’s Kickstart Scheme for Under 25s

What is it?

The Government’s Kickstart Scheme has opened for applicants, but what is it?

It has been created by the Government to help young unemployed people.

The Government will provide funds to cover a six month job placement for people who are 16-24 years old, currently on Universal Credit, and are long-term unemployed.

The hope is that this will not only boost the economy and provide local businesses a boost, but it will help get more young people in work.

How much do I get?

The multi-billion pound scheme will cover 100% of the National Minimum Wage for the new job-placements for 25 hours a week, as well as the National Insurance and Pension costs.

There is also a payment of £1,500 per job placement created to cover training, support, and set-up costs.

If you want to join the scheme you need to create a minimum of 30 placements. However, if you don’t create that many by yourself, you can join together with other organisations and apply together.

If you apply with other businesses you must appoint a representative for the group, who will be paid £300 per job placement for the administrative costs of acting.

Other organisations you might join with could include similar businesses, local authorities, and trade bodies.

Are there any other criteria?

The other key eligibility criteria are:

  • The jobs must be new, and must not replace existing or planned vacancies
  • The jobs must not cause existing employees or contractors to reduce or lose their employment.
  • The role must be at least 25 hours a week for six months
  • The pay must be at least the minimum wage

The role must not require extensive training before the worker starts

Anything else?

Each application must set out how the employer will help develop the skills and experience of the worker, including support with CVs and developing basic skills, such as attendance, timekeeping, and teamwork.

Once the placement is created, it can be taken up by a second person after the first six month placement has been completed.

There is also no cap on the number of jobs you can create under this scheme.

How can I apply?

Applications are made online, either by the employer creating 30 or more roles, or by the representative of the group of employers.

Applications are assessed by a panel, and responses can take up to a month.

The initial payment will be made to the employer when they confirm to the DWP that the young person has started work, is enrolled on their payroll, and is being paid through PAYE