Jury service UK pay

Wondering about jury service UK pay? Our article can help you!

During jury service there is no statutory entitlement for an employee to be paid by his employer, unless there is a clause in their contract regarding such a situation.

Employees are however entitled to claim allowances from the court to cover travel and subsistence costs whilst they are on jury service. They can also claim a financial loss allowance regarding any loss of net earnings suffered as a result of attending the court.

Therefore, you can claim UK pay for jury service if there were any considerable expenses on your part.

jury service

The maximum financial loss allowance depends upon the number of hours served. The amounts:

  • First 10 Days:
    • 4 hours or under each day  £32.47
    • Over 4 hours each day – £64.95
  • Day 11 to Day 200:
    • 4 hours or under each day – £64.95
    • Over 4 hours each day – £129.91
  • After Day 201:
    • 4 hours or under each day – £114.03
    • Over 4 hours – £228.06

How to claim?

You should make your claim at the end of your service, no more than 12 months after you started/

To claim food, drink and travel expenses by filling in the claim form you received at the start of jury service. Then return it to the court with the relevant receipts.

In terms of loss of earnings, what you do depends on whether you’re an employee or self-employed.

If you’re an employee…your employer needs to fill in a loss of earnings form.

If you’re self-employed…you should fill in your own loss of earnings form.

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