Get back on your bike!

Find out about the Government’s new “Fix Your Bike” initiative, which aims to get the country cycling!

What is it?

The Government is handing out thousands of £50 vouchers for people to get their bikes fixed.

The hope is that this will boost the retail sector and get cash flowing again, as well as improving health and fitness around the country, and help to fight climate change.

The boost to health and fitness is not only a long term help to people and the NHS, it can also help to fight Covid-19.

Where’s my voucher?

This voucher is not usable on online retail sites. Instead, it is only to be used in Fix your Bike Scheme-registered bike repair shops.

You can find a list of participating bike shops on the Energy Saving Trust’s website. This website is also where you can apply for a voucher.

You can then take your bike to the registered repairer, and use the voucher to get up to £50 off the total cost of the repairs needed.

The repairer will then be refunded the voucher amount by the Energy Saving Trust on a weekly basis.

There are only a limited number of vouchers available, and only two can be claimed per household.

Other than these criteria, the scheme is open to anyone in England who has an unused cycle in need of a repair.

Who can repair my bike?

The list of repairers who are part of the scheme is on the Energy Saving Trust’s website, and there is an interactive map which shows you who in your local area is taking part.

If you wish to register on the scheme as a repairer, then you must meet certain conditions including public liability insurance with a minimum cover of £2 million.

If you’ve got an old bike gathering dust in your shed, now is the best time to get back in the saddle, and who knows, you might discover that you’re the next Sir Bradley Wiggins!