Find Your Long Lost … Pension

The Pension Tracing Service is a useful resource service for savers concerned about forgotten pensions. A million people have now used the free government service in order to track down their lost pension savings.


The service has links to more than 320,000 pension-scheme administrators which you can use to search for your forgotten pension. You can search by using the name of your past employer or pension provider. The pension services will then locate the correct contact details of your pension provider or employer to enable you to track down your lost plans.

Moreover, a new service will be launched in April 2019 called the Pension Dashboards, a new digital account, wherein savers will be able to find details of all their pensions in a single location.

If you are already in retirement, you may be able to negotiate a higher pension income to compensate you for benefits on which you have missed out by not claiming sooner.