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Tax Rebate

Are you one of the one-in-three people in the UK who is paying too much tax? There’s a very good chance that you’re missing out on valuable tax refunds.

What is a tax refund?

A tax refund is a repayment of PAYE (Pay As You Earn) tax that you have overpaid during the tax year, using HM Revenue & Customs guidelines. Certain criteria do apply, however people are able to claim tax back – even after they’ve left the UK!

There are various other expenses that can be claimed back, which include:-

Uniform Tax Allowance

Unclaimed Mileage Allowance

Tools Allowance

Who can claim a tax refund?

Anyone who has lived and worked in the UK may be eligible to claim, even up to five years after leaving the country.

If you are visiting or have visited the UK from overseas or travelling and have worked for part of the tax year (06 Apr – 05 Apr) then it is highly likely you are due a refund.

If you have had to spend money out of your own pocket in order to carry out your job or find customers then this expense is tax deductable. This means that you are able to offset this expenditure against your wages or any profits that you earn. By doing this it reduces the amount of tax that you have to pay, and in most cases it results in a tax refund for past tax years.

Whatever your situation, employed, self-employed, freelancer, overseas worker, student, nurse, homecare assistant or any other situation where you are paying taxes to HMRC, you may have paid too much tax and now be eligible for a refund.

Check if you are due a refund by using our online Tax refund calculator or call us now on 01772 788200.

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Tax brackets and tax rates

H M Revenue and Customs set the tax brackets and rates every financial year and below are those for the last few years and these will determine how much tax you should have been paying on your total gross income for that financial year.  To calculate your tax refund, use our online tax refund calculator.

Financial Year (runs from 6 April – 5 April)

Tax Rate 2011/2012
Tax Rate 2012/2013
Tax Rate
Up to 6,475 Tax Free Up to 7,475 Tax Free Up to 8,105 Tax Free
Between 6,476 – 43,875 20% Between 7,476 – 42,475 20% Between 8,106 – 42,475 20%
Between 43,867 – 156,475 40% Between 42,476 – 157,145 40% Between 42,476 – 158,105 40%
Over 156,476 + 50% Over 157,146 + 50% Over 158,106 + 50%

When can I apply for a tax refund?

If you think you are entitled to a tax refund you can call Tax Expert anytime and as Tax Agents we will contact HMRC and manage your claim.

Applying for a tax refund

Knowing how to claim is vital. Tax Expert understands the system, knows how to avoid the pitfalls and can guide you through the process to a tax refund you deserve. As a Tax Agent we will help you avoid all the hassle of admin that is associated with managing your claim and we will track the progress of your claim on your behalf saving you time waiting in the queues at HMRC.  Call us now to find out how you can claim what is rightfully yours or complete our online application form and we will be in touch.

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