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How to REALLY Impress your Tenants!

I don’t think it is a coincidence that over the last 7 years I have been investing in property I have yet to experience a tenant who:

a)     has trashed any of my properties
b)     has not paid the full amount of rental income that has been due

I have always been a firm believer of ‘working’ with tenants, so right from the outset when tenants start applying to stay in any of my properties I let them know EXACTLY what they can expect from me and what I expect from them

Just as much as we fear from getting the ‘tenant from hell’ you shouldn’t be surprised to hear that tenants also fear the ‘landlord from hell’.

One thing I do to give the tenants reassurance that I am not the ‘landlord from hell’ is to show them my what I call the ‘Tenant Welcome Pack’ when showing them round the property.

This single sheet of paper wins over their trust in me as a landlord and then it is up to me to decide who ‘I’ let my property to.

What is the ‘Tenant Welcome Pack’?
This a single sheet of paper that lets the tenant know:

  • Your contact details
  • The duration and rent charges of the tenancy
  • Details of all:
    • Utility suppliers (gas, water, electrical & council tax)
    • Safety certificates (i.e. gas and electrical)
    • Insurance Policies (i.e. GCH breakdown, plumbing breakdown, etc)

This single sheet gives them all the reassurance that they want!

It tells them:

a)     How to always contact you
b)     That YOU are a well organised landlord who takes their business seriously (i.e. with details of safety certificates)
c)     That YOU want to help make life easier for tenants (by providing upfront list of utility suppliers)
d)     That they can TRUST YOU, as if common things like GCH or Boiler breakdowns occur, they know who to contact.

When a tenant has confidence in you as a ‘landlord’ then their whole perception of you changes and they are highly likely to look after your property and pay the rent on time!

A tenant welcome pack is just one of the reports that are automatically generated from the newest version of our Landlords Property Tax Manager Software.