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Research & Development

How much are you missing out on? All the effort you put into researching what you do and how to do it better, all the development you’ve done to get you this far… may qualify for valuable Tax Credits.  How much further can you take your business, when you can afford to invest more in Research & Development?



Client Testimonials

  • “Unaware of our eligibility, Ilyas Patel guided us through the process – thoroughly competent, efficient and professional in their approach. The team at Ilyas Patel led a full technical review of our projects, identifying all qualifying activities and costs, producing a concise report capturing the technical advances in our development work. We have had 3 successful claims and are delighted with the outcome which we plan to reinvest in further development work.” – CEO, Training Company Community Justice Sector
  • “Ilyas and the team did a fantastic job helping us with the R&D tax credits. With the amount of work we had on, we didn’t have the time. Some accountants needed to sit down and go through every bit of detail. Ilyas took initiative and analysed the information we had available to extract what he needed and got the job done. Really appreciate him and his team making the whole process a breeze. I look forward to continue working with him and recommending him to my clients” – Shoaib Akhtar, Digiryte Ltd
  • “I have worked with accountants on the R&D rebate and received a tax rebate. Then I met Ilyas and he explained how he had become an expert in this field, so I let him review my information. Needless to say, he found areas missed and increased my rebate by 40%. I strongly recommend if you haven’t spoken to Ilyas with regards to the R&D rebate then do so before it’s too late, he will save you time and money.” – Alistaire Jama, Kennedy Ross
  • “We have recently been successful in our application for Research and Development tax credits due to guidance provided by Ilyas Patel at Ilyas Patel Chartered Certified Accountants and Tax Advisors. Ilyas’ in-depth knowledge of the regulations and extensive experience was invaluable in navigating the complex rules and putting together an application that ensured we claimed for all costs we have invested in research and development. We had complete confidence in the integrity of the claim he submitted on our behalf and we are extremely grateful to him for taking the burden of work from us so that we could concentrate on the ‘day job’,” – Gary Thompson,  Decor8

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