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Property Tax Planning for Buy-To-Let Investors

If you are worried about the changes in property legislation, this video might be of help to you. It will show you how we reduced the amount of tax that our client has to pay through our proposed Property Tax Planning. This might help you save thousands of pounds in tax and also help you build your property portfolio at a time when most property landlords are thinking of selling up due to the unfavourable tax environment.

2 Main Issues:

  1. Additional 3% Stamp Duty on Buy-To-Let
  2. Reduction on Interest Relief

5 Strategies:

  • How to avoid the additional 3% Stamp Duty
  • How to receive full mortgage interest relief at 40%
  • How to pay no tax on £5,000
  • How to substantially reduce your Capital Gains Tax
  • How to substantially reduce your Inheritance Tax






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