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Getting Back To Nature To Save Tax

There are special UK tax rules that apply to commercial occupation of woodlands in the UK. Due to numerous tax benefits, woodlands can be a very attractive investment option for you.




No income tax or Corporation Tax is charged on income and profits arising from the commercial occupation of woodlands. For example, the sale of timber.

Since… Full article

Keep Employees Healthy By Using Tax Tips

Workers can spend up to 75% of their day sitting down which leads to health conditions including back injuries, stress, depression or anxiety.

We have recently been reminding employers that there are certain tax breaks for those who promote health and fitness for their employees.


Employers can take advantage of existing tax exemptions where you don’t have to report… Full article

Shorter Capital Gains Tax Payment For Buy-To-Let Landlords

 HMRC is planning to bring in new rules from April 2020. It will require individuals and trustees disposing of a residential property to make a payment on account of Capital Gains Tax within 30 days of completion of the sale.

Capital Gains Tax computations can be complex and it can take time to make an accurate computation of the… Full article

Tax Consequences of Divorce

When getting a divorce, the liability and payment of tax are usually not in the forefront of your priorities. However, there can be unanticipated tax charges that arise if care is not taken.

Here are some examples:



When married couples own assets, particularly shares and properties, it is common to have these divided between them in the event of… Full article

Up To £6k Tax Free For Directors

Since 6 April 2016, majority of individuals who have savings, no longer pay tax on any interest they earn. This is due to the introduction of Personal Savings Allowance.

This means that directors, employees and self-employed can earn up tp £6,000 worth of interest from savings tax free.



Personal Savings Allowance

Tax Free £50 Benefits

We have found a fantastic way to motivate your employees !

Fortunately, there are some great rules introduced by Finance Bill 2016 which indicates that NO TAX is payable on trivial benefits.



Here’s the criteria that need to be satisfied for a trivial benefit:

  1. Up to £50 per benefit. If the benefit is provided to a group of employees… Full article

Taxpayers Human Rights Act

HMRC has issued factsheet on the individual rights of taxpayers who are facing penalties for non-compliance with tax rules.



The factsheet sets out the individual’s rights when HMRC asks for information regarding potential tax evasion and the extent of HMRC’s power to excise penalties.



Tax Efficient Tips For 2018/19

The dividend allowance has been reduced to £2,000 from 6 April 2018, coinciding with the annual shifts in personal allowance and basic rate band. All these changes will have an effect on owner-manager individuals.




The personal allowance for 2018/19 is £11,850 and the basic rate band is £34,500. This means that you need to have an… Full article

Tax-Free Company Vehicle

Company cars are becoming increasingly expensive from a tax and National Insurance point of view, especially if private fuel is provided. Moreover, the salary sacrifice scheme for taxable benefits for cars ceased in 2017.


In order to save tax, you should consider purchasing a company van instead.


Generally, a vehicle is considered a van if its primarily made for… Full article

Entertaining Claims

Employers who cover the costs of their employees providing entertainment for clients have certain tax, National Insurance and reporting obligations.

Here are some of the things you need to know:

Tax Deduction in Business Accounts

Entertaining expenditure is disallowed as a deduction for tax purposes.

However, staff entertaining which is not treated as ‘entertaining’ for tax purposes will be an allowable… Full article