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What our Clients Say

Independent Research carried out by Lancaster University

  1. How did you first come to know about Ilyas Patel, Chartered Certified Accountants?  The majority of respondents had first come to know about llyas Patel through recommendations (80%), with the others having enquired about the company after seeing the business (20%) on the street.Recommendations are clearly an important factor in choosing a professional in such a crowded market. This is not only down to knowing the quality they should expect, but also to do with sector experience. As one interviewee put it:  “Because I found them through people in my industry, I knew they had experience specific to my sector”
  2. What do you feel llyas Patel, Chartered Certified Accountants do well? What makes you continue to use them?  This question generated some excellent and very encouraging responses. The following are some of the answers:  Good professional service
    They save me time and money
    They’re cost effective
    Excellent service
    There are never any discrepancies or comeback
    They helped develop my business
    I feel they’re partners in my business llyas himself is very easy to talk to – and provides business advice You know he wants his clients to be as successful as possible.
  3. What do you feel about the marketing materials llyas Patel Chartered Certified Accountants send out?
    The marketing materials were very good (60%), and of those some commented on the newsletter, saying it contained some really valuable tips and advice.
  4. Have you worked with another accountancy firm in the past? Are there any aspects they did particularly well, or badly?  60% interviewed had worked with other accountancy firms in the past. Despite the open nature of the follow on question, the respondents only had negative comments about their previous firms.  They were too small
    Overall they were just too expensive
    Not forward thinking in the same way they
     [llyas Patel Chartered Certified Accountants] are
    I had a bad experience with them (didn’t wish to elaborate)
    They always used jargon – I couldn’t understand them
    They wouldn’t give me business advice

Again, this question generated (implied) praise for llyas Patel Chartered Certified Accountants, and although some of these only apply to full blown accountancy firms, comments such as the use of jargon, and expense could be taken into account in the development of the company.

Summary from Lancaster University survey:

For llyas Patel Ltd, the results of this survey should be very encouraging. Overall satisfaction in the company’s service and quality was very high.

Hear what our clients have to say

John Knowles


“Ilyas and his team are only ever a phone call or an email away, they’re very proactive, the advice they give is extremely knowledgable and they take that interest in your company.”

Michelle Clarke


“Ilyas and his team have been my accounts now for around 4 years.
Within the first 6 months of joining Ilyas’ practice they saved me over £6000.”

Mr Haq


“Ilyas was recommended to me by one of my surgical colleagues. Over the past 6 years he’s provided me with an excellent service.”